Dead Twitter Threads #3 — Hunting Kyle Rittenhouse


Twitter suspended my account at the beginning of this year; but I have a few threads from 2020 that I want to re-post here under Devolution.
I’ll call them the Dead Twitter Files

UPDATE! Was Kenosha Antifa, Who Chased Kyle, In Capitol on 06 Jan?

Addendum Update: 05 July 2021.

Gateway Pundit published an article today, “REVEALED: Images of Police Officer Firing Flash Bombs at Peaceful Trump Supporters Including Seniors, Women and Children on Jan. 6 (VIDEO)“, while watching the second video posted by GP from The Pragmatic Constitutionalist, I noticed a tall Antifa galoot at the 29 minute mark.  By his posture and gait, I immediately thought of the Antifa couple that were photographed in Kenosha (see below). They both appear to be of the same height, and as I mentioned, similar gait and posture.

Steve Baker, The Pragmatic Constitutionalist blogger also noticed the galoot and remarked that he was carrying a stout stick wrapped in grip tape — basically a melee club for bashing heads.  Just the kind that any “Trumper” would carry to a Trump rally. /sarc

As detailed below in my original Twitter thread, the couple appeared to be “controllers” that followed the child rapist who shall not be named that was the first to be killed by Kyle in self defense. I did not see the girlfriend in the J6 video. Judge for yourself.

Ziminski in DC J6 and Kenosha
                                          Ziminski in DC J6 and Kenosha?

Addendum 01 Dec 2021: As events would turn out, the galoot is Josh Ziminsky who was charged for his role in Kenosha, released on $1,000 bail and will face trial in 2022. His wife Kate was also charged and currently in jail. Josh Ziminski was also considered as a possible witness against Kyle by the prosecutor, Binger, but for whatever reason Binger didn’t put Ziminsky on the stand.

So was Ziminsky given permission by his parole officer to visit DC on January 6th???


Antifa Galoot in Capital (circled in Yellow)?


Antifa Galoot at Kenosha (circled in Red)

But instead of tracking down the real enemies of the We-The-People, the Feebs are busy tracking down enemies of the Deep State.


Original Date: 20 Jun 2021.

This was my 31 Aug 2021 Twitter thread about how Kyle Rittenhouse was purposely stalked for an assassination by Antifa.  The Antifa plot failed because they underestimated Kyle’s marksmanship and cool-headedness under attack.  The latest update is as follows:

A Wisconsin judge on 10 March 2021 delayed the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who is charged with fatally shooting Black Lives Matters protesters in Kenosha last summer.

Prosecutors as well as Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys had asked for the postponement, arguing they needed more time to build their respective cases. Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder also set a meeting for May, to ensure that the new timeline still works for the two legal teams.

Rittenhouse is charged with killing Anthony Huber, 26, and Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and seriously wounding Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, during protests on Aug. 25, following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, who was left paralyzed.

Rittenhouse, 18, has pleaded not guilty to all charges, saying the shootings — which were captured by cell phone video — were acts of self-defense. He has been out on bail since November, when his $2 million bond was paid by conservative fundraisers.

His cause has garnered widespread support from conservative Second Amendment advocates — including, former President Donald Trump — who seek to paint Rittenhouse as a young champion of the Blue Lives Matter movement and a patriot. (Rittenhouse was 17 at the time of the shootings.)

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter supporters say Rittenhouse, who was reportedly driven to the protest across state lines from Illinois by his mother, as a white vigilante, intent on stoking racial violence.

Months after his release, Rittenhouse was spotted in a Wisconsin bar with possible members of the Proud Boys, an extremist group that federal prosecutors say played a critical role in storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

In February, Schroeder refused to issue a new arrest warrant or increase Rittenhouse’s bail, after he failed to update his current address with the court. But he did prohibit the shooter from associating with white supremacists.

Of course, DOJ/FBI have no interest in getting to the bottom of those rioters who tried to kill Kyle, rather they want to make him the poster boy for “muh white supremacy


Originally posted on 31 August 2020, 6 tweets, 9 min read

1) #FreeKyleRittennhouse

Please RT…

Need all eyes on this couple as they may have instigated the 2 pedos and a wife beater into bezerking and getting themselves killed. 1st the video, then close up pics


2) #FreeKyleRittennhouse Staging the hunt

Please RT

Need all eyes to see if we can identify this couple as they may have instigated the bezerkers into getting themselves killed.
Two camera angles, side by side. Guy circled in red has pistol circled in yellow.


3) #FreeKyleRittennhouse Stalking Kyle

The 5’3 convicted child rapist is 1st one killed when he chases Kyle across the car lot.
The upper 2 pictures match with 1st video above. Note how the instigator is smiling, jovial even, enjoying the show

The lower 2 go w/ the next video.



4) #FreeKyleRittennhouse The Chase

Notice how there’s pistol shooting before Kyle is forced to turn around and fend off the 5’3 pedo with a quick controlled burst that includes a head shot to Pedo #1 (belligerent guy in Ted t-shirt)


5) #FreeKyleRittennhouse The Controllers Follow

A couple more pictures, there’s gangly Mr Friendly followed by his GF with the knithat and backpack. Fits the profile of command and control, eh? 🤔

Notice how she barely comes up to his shoulders, just like 1st picture above.


6) #FreeKyleRittennhouse The Controllers’ Selfie


Need to identify this lovely couple for their involvement in instigating the multiple assaults on Kyle by convicted felons.

They may be from Europe, as Antifa leadership is involved in exporting their brand of anarchy. @FBI @TheJusticeDept


👀BOLO Kenosha


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