Dead Twitter Threads #2 — Fauci Lied, People Died


Twitter suspended my account at the beginning of this year; but I have a few threads from 2020 that I want to re-post here under Devolution.
I’ll call them the Dead Twitter Files

This was my Twitter thread about Fauci (Fraudci) lying and people dying as a result of those lies.  Problem with him is his lies span decades.  Out of multiple lies, to include “HCQ is unsafe” and HCQ, among other therapeutics, curing cancer – negating the need for ANY chemotherapy/radiation whatsoever, I’m only discussing COVID-19 & AIDS because HIV is the common denominator and discussing the obsession with mask mandates.

I’ve been fact-checked as spreading misinformation, but 9 months later, looks like everything here is being vindicated.  What makes it egregious is all the so-called medical professionals, falling in lockstep with the BS.

To whit, Iowa CD2 Representative, Marianette Miller-Meeks (R) who would barely win her election a week later, 03 Nov 2020, has been resolute about wearing masks and now vaccinations.  This year, with every trip back to Iowa, from DC, she touts the dozens and scores of constituents that she has vaccinated. 

Here’s a blurb from her 13 Jun 2020 newsletter:

“My favorite part by far has been the numerous times I was able to help administer COVID-19 vaccines at our great health centers, pharmacies, and hospitals to do as much as I can to get Iowa back to normal. I will continue to travel to communities across the Second District and listen about how I can best represent them as their Congresswoman.”

Even as the wall of silence broke regarding Fraudci working with the CCP to develop this bio-engineered weapon, she goes on Fake News to caution about conspiracy theories.

Here she is now, weeks later calling for a “full investigation into the origins” of the Wuhan Flu on 16 June 2021.

About a year late and millions of lives short, Dr. Miller-Meeks!  There’s a reason why Nancy Pelosi decided to keep her in the House, even though her Demonrat opponent Rita Hart (lost by 6 votes) was begging Nancy to reject the certification–that the good doctor would be a useful tool to heavily promote the masks, then the vaccine. 

In fact, if you watch her carefully, it’s almost comical to watch her edging away from the whole ‘muh Corona‘ BS, as if she was never fully on board with the lockdown.  Ditto with her constant re-positioning on just about every other conservative tenet from abortion to the 06 Jan 2021 “insurrection”, saying Trump shares some of the blame…  O-o-okay.

Will a MAGA Patriot please stand up and primary her next year? Please?


Originally posted on 28 Oct 2020, 6 tweets, 13 min read

1) Characteristics of symptomatic adults over 18…

Interesting study (PDF) from CDC proving masks don’t work and in fact makes one more likely to get sick.

Excerpt from page 4👇

2) In 2008, Fraudci studied the Spanish Flu,

3) It took a grassroots effort to overturn mandatory masks 99 years ago in 1919…👇


4) Additional evidence that masks cause harm…

Constantly recycling stale moist CO2 laden breath leads to yeast infection, Candidisis or Thrush, of the mouth, in addition to the condition known as “mouth diaper rash”


5) Tell me again, why the ridiculous overreaction to a common flu,

bioengineered with HIV/SARS fragments for extra punch?


6) This isn’t the first time Dr Fraudci has been accused of lying

to the public and withholding critical evidence… Flash back to early in his career, to the 80s… The gay community accused him of being a killer with regards to the HIV-AIDS “epidemic”.


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