Dead Twitter Threads #6 — Did some digging on Maya Santamaria


Twitter suspended my account at the beginning of this year; but I have a few threads from 2020 that I want to re-post here under Devolution.
I’ll call them the Dead Twitter Files

This was my Twitter thread on Maya Santemaria, George Floyd’s boss and owner of multiple La Raza businesses in Minneapolis




Originally posted on 29 May 2020, 14 tweets, 10 min read

 1)…Did some digging on Maya Santamaria

Quite the entrepreneur…

CEO of the La Raza (the Race) Radio station in MN



2) Power player in Minneapolis……



3) Connected to music stars like J-lo…



4) Maya on Floyd & Chauvin

An interview with her about George and his killer. Seems cop was quick tempered and prone to overreacting. My question to her would be, why did she keep him for 17 years? Sounds phony.

Beside, the cop is hardly a racist if he worked 17 years for her club.



5) screen shot of pertinent part of the KSTP article in case it changes or disappears…



7) Screenshot of her LinkedIn profile…



8) 🤔 I wonder if she own other businesses?

While googling on her, I came across a list of 9 business entities that she owns.

Following Screenshots attached…

9) more enterprises…

We know about La Raza as a racist organization that also gets funding from Soros and his litany of NGOs. Of possible interest is her “Sun” partners… Worth digging?

10) One more venture…

A transportation company? Trafficking? Screenshots of my digz…

Seems it’s just a cargo van used to cart around materials etc between her companies.

10) Given what we know so far,

I’m leaning towards this being a false flag, particularly the way they hauled him off without attempting to resuscitate him.

If so, then methinks Maya most likely would be part of that operation… Your thots?


11) Otherwise, PDS have got to do a better job of reining in and/or purging their “Rambones”

– – guys who act/talk tough but wilt under pressure. He’s had multiple complaints filed against him. One where potential VP Amy Klobuchar, as AG, refused to prosecute…


12) Speaking of bad apples.

Back in late 80s, a coworker was shot and killed by a Dallas cop. Didn’t know him well, as I was new, but other coworkers said both were at a pool party the week before and fought over a girl.

13) Then coincidentally,

cop pulls the guy over for expired tags & ends up shooting him in a scuffle. It always bothered me that the cop got off scot free.

Seems to me, each killing needs to be investigated for possible backstories, ie bad blood between parties. That’s just me.

14) Update.

Regardless of the underlying conditions, force was excessive.

The arresting officer was concerned, but overridden by the others.

Herd mentality or deferring to seniority-think plane crashes where copilot defers to senior pilot instead of insisting on corrective actions?


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