C17 Decoy In Afghanistan? Not.

So let’s say the 02-1109 C-17 decoy weighed 100,000 lbs, never mind the expense of building a pointless decoy that weighed this much. The wing loading would be 100,000 lb /3800sq ft = 26.3 lbs/sq ft. But that’s not including the horizontal stabilizer which technically adds to the wing loading of a decoy. So let’s recalculate that…100,000 lbs / (3800 + 845)sq ft = 21.5 lbs/ft!! This doesn’t even factor in what it would take to move around a lumbering 100,000, let alone 50,000 pound decoy. It’s my contention at even at 100k pounds, the decoy would have to be tied down at any wind higher than 25 or 30 miles an hour to prevent it from “taking off” or at least moving out of place. The point of a decoy is to fool observers from a distance, not up close. And this video is not proof of a decoy

Sorry to bust the phantasmagoric illusion.